Wednesday, 23 December 2009

So, hi!

Gosh, these introductory posts are hard to write! I'd love to dive straight in, with my blog reviewing, but a little about myself to begin.

My name's Justine, I'm a thirty-something New Zealander who has now lived in England for ten years. In the past six months we've moved up to Sheffield from London so that my husband can pursue his dream of having every single thing in his life revolve around mountain bikes. (I'm the exception but allowable as I keep him fed, watered and organised.) We are devoted to our two cats. I also really love knitting and crafting

Lately I've been reading a lot of crime, although I'm starting to get a little jaded with the genre, and I wouldn't mind easing off crime for 2010 - though not entirely. I do like listening to audiobooks and I feel that crime lends itself to being read out loud really well. I read widely and across a lot of genres, except I do tend to steer clear of swords and dragons fantasy as well as anything too sci-fi space opera.

I intend to take part in quite a few challenges in 2010, including the 100 books challenge, the booker challenge, and the chunky book challenge - let's see how I go.

And Sparkette? I love Muriel Spark - what I've read of her anyway - and her witty, acerbic view of the world. I plan to read much more over 2010, as well as revisiting some favourites.


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